What is DocuSign?

There are quite a few documents in Real Estate purchases and listings. Don’t worry, we have set up most of the forms for electronic signature to save you the time and the hassle of mountains of paperwork. When a document needs to be signed, you can quickly and easily have them done and out of the way. The software we use is called DocuSign.

DocuSign is an electronic signature program designed to easily, quickly, legally, and securely sign documents.

How to Sign a Document with DocuSign- in 6 easy steps

Step 1 - Open DocuSign email from Rob Jansen

Each person listed on the contract will be sent their own email to sign..
Open email. Click on "Review Documents" button.

Select Email

Step 2 - Check box to agree to sign with DocuSign, then click "Review Document"

Agree to Sign DocuSign

Step 3 - Click the "Start" button after DocuSign document opens

At any time you can scroll up and down the document (or click on the small page icons on the right) to go from page to page.

DocuSign How to fill out form

Step 4 - Click the first highlighted area.

DocuSign Form

Step 5 - Choose your signature font, type in your name and initials. Click on "Adopt and Initial" button

DocuSign How-to

Step 6 - After last signature click "Confirm Signing"

DocuSign Instructions

After completion...

DocuSign will ask you if you want to save a copy. In order to save a copy, you will have to create a log-in. Most of my customers do not do this because Docusign sends me a copy of the document.